Sunday, May 19, 2013

How To Extend Your Shellac Manicure

About a week and a half ago I got a Shellac, or gel, manicure at a local salon near where I student teach. I love the color, and while though there are no chips at the end of my nails, my nails have grown out to the point of being annoying. I constantly want to pick at them -- a habit I have acquired when I become annoyed with my polish which completely ruins the manicure. I decided to try something different to save money, keep my nails healthy and let them grow out naturally, and to save time.

I hate having to go to the salon to have my manicure professionally taken off; I always get persuaded into buying a new Shellac manicure because the last one looked so good! We will see if this extender I created will keep me away from the salon....

Things you need:
Base coat (Essie First Base)
Any makeup brush you don't mind getting glitter or a bit of nail polish on. Any brush will really do. I like to use a brush because it deposits the pigment more and is less messy, but I suppose a finger would work just as well. 

First, you will need to cut and shape your nails. I have found that even if you cut your nails, the shellac manicure will stay put. Just be careful not to file your nails to break through the manicure as this will weaken the bonding to your nails.

Next, apply a generous amount of base coat to the grown out part of your nails and extending a small amount onto the Shellac polish. I did this rather unevenly to give the glitter a gradient effect.

Next, while the polish is still wet, dip your brush or finger into the glitter and gently pat the glitter onto your nail. Allow for the glitter to dry before applying a top coat to make sure the glitter stays put.

I made this short video to demonstrate the process.

I have done this with regular polish too and the glitter removes easily with nail polish remover.

Good luck and happy painting!

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