About Us

GINGER - Erica

Erica is a senior in choral music education at the University of Illinois. She is involved in many musical endeavors on campus including the co-ed jazz acappella group, No Strings Attached. Erica enjoys spending countless hours on the internet looking up makeup, fashion, and pictures of animals. She enjoys cooking, eating, watching Netflix and starting crochet projects she never finishes. Her favorite color is turquoise and she is a huge hypochondriac. She burns easily in the sun.

RICE - Jen

Jen is a senior in chemical engineering at the University of Illinois. She is a member of No Strings Attached. Jen is an avid writer and musician, scientist and aspiring artist. She watches too much television, reads too many books, spends too much time on the Internet. She loves mythology, the smell of new books, peppermint, pumpkin, winter nights, taking photographs, and getting packages in the mail. She favours keys, lace, and armour-esque rings in her personal style.

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