Monday, October 7, 2013

Manicure Monday: Art Deco Modern Polish

I tried to create a tape manicure design over the weekend. I started with painting my nails with a base coat (Essie First Base Base Coat) and proceeded to paint my nails a soft purple brown color. This was Essie's Ladylike. I think this new color is great for fall as a neutral!
I attempted to take a photo in the sun to get a more accurate color, however, I am not sure about that lighting situation. 

Next, I used painters tape to outline where I would be keeping the Ladylike color. This part was the hardest part for me to try and make a uniform thickness of tape. It was also hard to put the tape on my right hand, as I am right handed. I think with more practice I will have more success with tape manicures.

I then painted my nails with OPI by Sephora in In The Shadows. I waited until the two coats were dry and removed the painters tape. One thing that I thought would not make a difference but actually did was using painters tape. I used to use scotch tape when I did tape manicures. However, I found that the scotch tape would lift up some of my polish along the edges and leave a sticky residue on my nails. Painters tape was perfect! No wonder why people use it for painting! It did not leave a sticky residue and did not lift up any of my polish. I was worried about my right hand not being dry enough but the paint did not smudge as I removed the tape. This is a valuable tip to remember for next time.

I finished my manicure with Seche Vite quick drying top coat. The above picture is before I cleaned up the edges with nail polish remover.

I hope you enjoyed the design and will try your own tape manicures! :) 

Love, Erica

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